Edition 02: Landscape

Jon Boam
Nicholas Alan Cope
Chris Dent
Justin Fantl
Vincent Fournier
Hiroshi Kan
Richard Niessen
Casey Reas
Youngsuk Suh

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Price – $25 + P&P


  • 6 sheets
  • 10 Artworks
  • 7-color litho print
  • Supplied with three aluminum push pins

Edition 02
This second edition takes a look at how different artists around the world interpret, respond to, and represent a landscape. In addition to large scale works by leading photographers Vincent Fournier, Nicholas Alan Cope and Youngsuk Suh, we have commissioned unique works by artists from around the globe. Japan’s Hiroshi Kan looks at the ways in which natural and man-made landscapes rub shoulders. Jon Boam shows us the world inside his head. Chris Dent presents us with a unique London city-scape. Justin Fantl builds his own landscape. Casey Reas uses data and transcoding to extrude his mass of land. The Netherlands’ Richard Niessen peels away the layers. And finally, thanks to NASA’s Opportunity Rover, we present the planet Mars looking more beautiful than ever.

Beautifully printed with the addition of metallic and fluorescent inks.

Paper – New Leaf Paper. Print – Greenerprinter.

Edition 01: San Francisco

Jeff Canham
Dave Eggers
Dwight Eschliman
Mark Giglio
Jake Longstreth
Michelle McCarron
Richard Misrach
Louisa Parris
Andrew Zuckerman

photography by
Claudia Goetzelmann

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Price – $30 + P&P


  • Limited edition of 1000
  • 10 sheets
  • 5 color print
  • Supplied with aluminum push pins

Edition 01
The launch edition is anchored in the area where we live and work, the San Francisco Bay, with contributors currently residing here, or producing work inspired by this place.

Loose Leaf features commissioned and previously unpublished artworks in addition to largescale reproductions of a handful of existing works. For this first edition, Jeff Canham handpainted a sign that pays tribute to the legendary song ‘I Left My Heart in San Francisco’. Dwight Eschliman deconstructed a silk gown by fashion designer Louisa Parris. Mark Giglio created a shrine to the (lack of) sun in San Francisco’s notoriously chilly summers. Michelle McCarron ventured into the depths of the Stanford Linear Particle Accelerator. Andrew Zuckerman presented us with an alternate view of San Francisco’s famous architecture.

About Loose Leaf

What surrounds us, influences us.

Loose Leaf is a hybrid format of publication and limited edition print series. It exists in the form of a collection of unbound and large-format printed art works. Published twice a year, Loose Leaf intends to present images in a physical, livable form, a distinct departure from the online consumption of visual material that pervades our lives.

Each edition comes packaged ready to be installed, not stored. Leaves are hole-punched for placement on a wall with small pushpins. Its unbound format allows the viewer to edit, select, and reshuffle images on an ongoing basis.

Conceived and curated by San Francisco design studio Manual, Loose Leaf is a collaborative effort. Each edition features newly commissioned works by artists, designers, photographers, illustrators, and writers that have caught the attention of the studio.


Edition Bundle: 01 + 02.
Price – $50 + P&P

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Edition 02.
Price – $25 + P&P

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Edition 01.
Price – $30 + P&P

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Print Test Poster. Limited Edition of 50.
Size – 18in x 24in
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Detailed Information

What countries do you ship to?
We currently accept orders from the US, Canada, Western Europe, and Australia.

How big is Loose Leaf?
Each individual sheet is 16 x 23.5 inch,
or 406mm x 597mm.

What am I supposed to do with this thing?
Loose Leaf ships with 3 aluminum push pins that can be eased or tapped into your wall surface. The entire issue can hang on the push pins (like a calendar) so you can reshuffle when you feel like living with a new image. Or you can always use your own push pins or wall pegs and hang all the sheets—like a personal gallery space.

What is the print quality like?
Loose Leaf is litho printed to a high standard in five colors onto high quality heavyweight recycled silk coated, and uncoated paper. The print quality is equal to that of an art book.

Can I only buy it online?
Currently, Loose Leaf is only sold online. If you are interested in stocking Loose Leaf in your shop, please get in touch with us.

How quickly do you ship it?
We aim to ship products within 3 days of the order being placed. During busy periods we may not be able to ship the item within 3 days but we will ship it as soon as possible. For overseas orders, please be patient. It may take up to two weeks to arrive.

How is it packaged and shipped?
Loose Leaf is shipped flat. It is shrink-wrapped to a sturdy card backing, and packaged in a corrugate cardboard envelope. While we have tested its shipping capabilities to both Europe and North America — and received the edition in perfectly flat condition- we cannot be held responsible for any crease or damage that occurs in shipping — especially overseas.

Damaged shipments may happen because of the postal service or machinery mishandling the package. Once the shipment has left our studio we lay all trust and assurance in the postal service shipping the item to your address. In the unlikely event that it arrives severely damaged due to imroper packaging, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please get in touch: info@looseleafeditions.com


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Collaborators and Links

Paper partner:
Loose Leaf is printed exclusively on recycled paper supplied by San Francisco-based sustainable paper company New Leaf Paper.

Print partner:
Printing and reprographics for Loose Leaf is by Berkeley-based Greenerprinter.

Digital partner:
Website development by San Francisco-based design and developer futureprüf.